Michael Sherwood
Massage Therapist
Fitness Trainer
Motocross Trainer

Fitness Training

I am certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise and certified in group exercise through SCW Fitness.  Fitness has always been a natural part of my life.  I grew up running track, pole vaulting, water skiing at Marble Falls, racing motocross and jet ski racing.   It was racing motocross that indirectly led to my career in both massage therapy and fitness training.  It was massage that helped me recover from several riding related injuries and go on to pursue competitive weightlifting.  I pursued a career as a massage therapist because I wanted to share the benefit that massage had provided to me in remaining competitive, recovering from and preventing injury.  

My personal background as a fitness enthusiast and my career as a massage therapist both led me to pursue personal training as a part of my passion for encouraging my clients to improve their lives. As a massage therapist, I had clients who came in with the same problem week after week. Massage therapy sessions relieved the pain and tension.  However, at times the pain and tension would return due to poor posture, weakness in core strength and weakness or tightness in other muscles. 


I decided that I wanted to become a part of helping my clients deal with these primary problems and change the ways that they are using their bodies so that the resulting pain and tension could be greatly reduced or eliminated. My clients have the option of combining massage and personal training sessions.  My focus is on improving fitness through endurance, strength and resistance based exercise programs.  I design customized fitness programs that can be tailored for any fitness level or goal.  

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